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Moustache with FREE Refill Pack

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    Cyber Monday Special: Buy Moustache and get a Moustache Refill Pack FREE (moustache type may vary)!

    The Effect:
    The spectator selects a moustache style form a pack of cards depicting 26 different moustache styles. The selected card is brought up to the magician's face and an actual fussy moustache matching the selected style appears on the performer's upper lip. Not only that, but the selected card is turned over to show that the printed moustache has vanished, leaving just the name of the moustache.

    Effect #2:
    The spectator takes the cards and selects a new style. He or she is then asked to hold up the card to people's faces to see how they look with that style of moustache. By the time they get to the magician, they find that that style of moustache is already affixed to his/her face.

    Effect 3:
    The magician offers to draw the a freely selected moustache onto a borrowed dollar bill. The magician shows that the drawing they did covers a wide variety of styles as it is a full beard and long hair. Cheap joke. Gotcha! But then, with the wave of the magician's hand, the drawing on the bill becomes more stylized. One more stroke of the bill and it is shown to now have the select style. It can immediately be handed out for examination.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for all audience types. After all, everybody loves a moustache.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes special pack of cards, and two self-adhesive moustaches. Instructional DVD covers the handlings described above as well as bonus handlings.

    Skill Level:Easy.

    Geek Guarantee

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