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Moonspinner (Tenyo Elite) - Trick

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    EFFECT: A metal paddle is shown which has a hypnotic pattern on it. The performer moves the paddle slowly in a circular motion, and that movement combined with the pattern causes an eerie illusion of a coin to appear on the disc. The performer stops the movement, which makes the coin instantly vanish, and again causes the coin to appear by moving the paddle once more. But illusion turns into reality as this imaginary coin instantaneously changes into a real coin! At the end, everything can be examined.
    • Constructed out of anodized aluminum.
    • Hypnotic pattern is laser-etched and not a decal.
    • Made for performers and collectors alike.
    Each Moonspinner is handsomely boxed and comes with a hand-crafted carrying case, and photo illustrated instructions in English and Japanese.
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