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Miranda Sings Magic Kit

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    The Miranda Sings Magic Kit will get you learning astonishing magic tricks in the most entertaining way possible.


    Learn 12 amazing effects from Miranda Sings herself:

    What you'll learn:

    Vanishing Silk:
    Take the included pink silk handkerchief and cause it to vanish into thin air.

    Floating Wand:
    An examinable magic wand floats behind your empty hand.

    Svengali Deck:
    Show a deck of cards to be all different. Suddenly a selected card pops to the top of the deck, you then change the entire deck into the selected card.

    Growing Wand
    A small magic wand magically grows to three times its original size.

    Changing Card
    In an attempt to find the selected card, you accidentally make a mistake. The wrong card is placed into the magic box and transformed into the correct card.

    Multiplying Rabbits:
    A "mommy" and a "daddy" rabbit invisibly switch hands and then create a whole family of cute little bunnies.

    Miranda's Lipstick:
    A dot of lipstick vanishes from your hands and appears inside a spectator's hand.

    4th Threat:
    A picture of Miranda impossibly reveals a secretly selected card.

    Bird and Bunny:
    A sponge bunny and a sponge bird change places.

    Cool Miranda Sings Trick:
    No matter how much someone mixes the cards, if you spell Miranda's name, they all match up.

    Vanishing Rabbit
    A little sponge rabbit vanishes completely, you don't even need to use a top hat!

    Torn and Restored Card
    A playing card is torn to bits, placed into a box and by just singing the magic words they fuse back together.

    Recommended For:
    The perfect gift for any "Mirfanda". This is the most fun you can have learning magic.

    Skill Level: Easiest.
    Category: Magic Sets.

    Geek Guarantee

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    Review by Meredith
    Ease Of Use
    Amazing and soo much fun! (Posted on 9/9/12)
    Review by Alice
    Ease Of Use
    Very Nice!! (Posted on 5/27/11)
    Review by Gregory
    Ease Of Use
    Soooo Much Fun. Works Great. (Posted on 4/7/11)
    Review by ME
    Ease Of Use
    Did You Know That Miranda And Chris Are Brother And Sister. (Posted on 2/1/11)
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