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Miracle Floating Ring by Mike Smith and JB Magic - DVD

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    Mike has created the FINAL WORD in FLOATING RINGS.

    For over 12 years through 1000's of performances, Mike has perfected one of the most astonishing pieces of magic ever created.

    A borrowed finger ring is placed onto your little finger. It animates, suspends and floats under impossible circumstances. Finally the ring actually floats back onto your outstretched little finger where it began.

    You will both see and learn from Mike on this step by step instructional dvd every little detail of his incredible routine.

    Also includes a bonus effect that is beyond belief, Mikes floating and rising card. Any signed card floats out of the deck and up into your fingertips.

    Comes complete with intructional dvd and a specially constructed GENUINE sorcery shop BOSS reel.

    Start clean --- End clean! Perform anytime in your act! Perfect for strolling magic!

    DVD includes

    Introduction, Performance, Set up, Explanation 1, Explanation 2, plus bonus routine the Rising and Floating Card.

    One of the Best Kept Secrets in all of Magic...

    Includes Sorcery Boss Reel.

    Running Time: Approximately 29mins
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