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Mint Edition by Brad Toulouse - Trick

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    The Visible Coloring Effect Modernized And Made Up To Date For The Next Millennium!!!

    A Great Effect Which Packs Small, Plays Big, And Uses Props Very Familiar To Children!!!

    Easy To Use!!!


    Explaining that the magician has other interests besides "magic" he shows the audience an "in progress" piece of artwork; a comic book cover he is drawing. Explaining he hopes that it will someday be worth a lot of money, he places it in on a comic backing board, and inserts it into a Mylar comic bag for safe-keeping. Unfortunately, the magician explains, he is only good at drawing and is very poor at adding the various colors. Enlisting the help of the audience, he gets them to call out colors, throw invisible colors at the drawing, etc. The magician asks an audience member to call out a magic word. He removes the drawing from Mylar cover... nothing has happened! The magician realizes that he needs everyone to yell out the magic word at the same time... when he removes the picture this time, it visibly fills in with color and is now a beautifully decorated comic book cover!

    Comes complete with comic book cover, backer boards, and Mylar comic bag.
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