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Micro Astrosphere

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  • Product Description


    It's like the Zombie Ball with more freedom and less cover.

    The Effect:
    A small ball floats in mid air, in front of and behind a small cloth held by the magician, without any visible means of support!

    Recommended For:
    Great for stage or platform shows.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes with chrome plated ball, transparent cloth and instructions.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Stage Magic.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Jason
    Ease Of Use
    It Is A Must Buy, I Recomend This To Anyone, People Starting A Professional Career, People Just Wanting To Have Fun With Friends And Family, Even Kids, It May Not Make Much Sence When You Get It, But After A Hour A Hour And A Half Of Tinkering With It, You Will Master The Product, Note You Usually Have To Do It On Stage Or From Maybe Like 7 Feet Back, Or Else They Will See The Gimmick, And Be Careful How You Do It The Slightest Mess Up With Your Hand Can Mess You Up, But Like They Say Practise Makes Perfect, This Trick Could Start Your Professional Career With The Right Skill, And Dedication (Posted on 1/28/12)
    Review by henri loik
    Ease Of Use
    This Is A Cool Trick But You Need To Be On Stage Or A Little Far From Your Audience To Be Able To Perform. That Is The Downside. (Posted on 12/18/11)
    Review by Curlyheadedone
    Ease Of Use
    This Trick Is Very Good For The Price And Easy To Perform!!! Great!!!! (Posted on 3/8/11)
    Review by michael pauls entertainement
    Ease Of Use
    It'S Cool, But Has To Be On Stage Or Far Or They Will See The Gimmick (Posted on 12/17/10)
    Review by mike
    Ease Of Use
    Well I Must Say It Is A Good Trick.But The Down Side To It Is That You Must Make Sure You Grab The Ball The Correct Way.Other Then That Its Pretty Good. (Posted on 1/30/10)
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