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About magic geek

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The aim of Magic Geek is to supply quality magic and juggling supplies to beginner through professional-level customers. We try to make shopping easier by visually organizing our products and including a video demo for every magic trick we keep in stock.

Our staff of professional-level magicians is always ready to answer questions and point you in the right direction. That, combined with our Next-Day Shipping Guarantee ensures that you get the products you want as quickly as possible.

About Brian

Brian graduated from the Chavez School of Magic and studied under Daryl and Gregory Wilson. In addition to his regular performing gig at an amusement park, he was a Junior Member and Performer at the Magic Castle (and later became a full-fledged Magician Member). He wanted a place to help others learn magic, so he opened a magic shop called Magic Geek in 1994 when he was only 16! In 1998 he brought his products and expertise to the web with He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, Lynne, and two children, Ava and Wyatt.

About Chris

Christopher started working for Magic Geek back in 1999. After a short break to graduate from Occidental College, and get married, he's back and geekier than ever. As head of the video department of Magic Geek he draws off his time spent working for Network Television to bring instructional DVDs for magic inventors like Paul Harris and Masuda. Chris loves to stay up until the wee hours of the morning inventing tricks like Redemption, The Shark, and Permanent. He started performing professionally when he was 8 and now books magic gigs from California to New York. He currently lives in Carpinteria with his wife, Jessica, and kids, Bailey and Jacob.

About Aidan

Aidan is our warehouse supervisor, as well as a designer of many of our fine systems and products. He once traveled across Europe, supporting himself with a set of Devil Sticks and is now the star of the Ultimate Devil Stick DVD. You can hear his english accent on our answering machine and his English drumming in several of our video demos and DVDs. Originally from Edingale, England; he now lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, Audra and their son, Adison.

About Rachel

When Rachel started working for Magic Geek, she was given the tedious job of manufacturing the Shark Gimmicks. Three years later and we still make her do all of the tedious stuff including Shark Reload Packs and Redemption Gimmicks. Rachel can be seen in many of our video demos watching Chris do magic tricks. Her wit and sarcasm has made her a favorite of the demo spectators. Rachel currently studies at Azusa Pacific University. She aspires to one day be a detective for the police.

About Lena

Lena's fun personality and positive attitude always brightens up the Magic Geek Video Demos. Along with her work in front of the camera, she is always willing to help out around the warehouse. Durring the holiday season, you might end up talking to the most friendly person in the world: that's Lena! Lena is also very hard-working, an excellent organizer, and a superb dog-walker. She is currently studying nursing at Santa Barbara City College.

About Curly

Curly's real name is Charlie, but the kids know him as Curly the Clown. His fun style and impossible magic always makes him a huge hit at birthday parties. When he's not wearing a rainbow wig, he is actually a very accomplished close-up magician. You can draw off of his vast knowlege of magic props, litterature and juggling supplies.

About Charlotte

Charlotte also goes by the name Char-Char and is Magic Geek's official Shop Dog. Her favorite things are lying in the sunshine, treats from the delivery drivers, and the couch in Chris' office. Whenever Brian is out of the warehouse, Charlotte is in charge of making sure the staff is on task (especially when it comes to filling her water bowl.)

About The Houdinis

After their first smash-hit "Paul Harris" the Houdinis continued to write songs and pioneer the genre of psuedo-uleven punk. Aidan and Chris lead the band with Rachel joining in on bass whenever she can. You can hear their work on the video demos for Wow 2.0 and Redemption plus the entire soundtrack to the Redemption instructional DVD.