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Mentally Exposed by Romanos and Magic Tao - DVD

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    From the creator of the bestselling trick "Gerti", AKA "Silver Swindle comes "Mentally Exposed".
    This is a DVD with five extraordinary effects.

    Some of what you will learn:

    Imagine inviting someone to choose a playing card and to put it, out of sight, without looking at it. You then ask a selection of people to create a random mobile phone number. You phone the number they have created and, when the person answers the phone, you ask them to name any playing card. They name the card that was chosen by the spectator. This is a real reputation maker and one that we guarantee you will be performing. There are no mobile phone apps involved.

    Romanos also teaches you how to make a Drawing Duplication device out of business cards. You ask a spectator to draw something onto a business card. You place it back amongst the stack of business cards and you immediately know what was written on the card. This is all done in front of the spectator.

    You will also learn how to create a very deceptive switch pad to switch out notes, billets or other folded pieces of paper; all in full view of the spectators.

    You have a business card with a prediction on the reverse. You ask the spectator to push it into the deck of cards without looking at the prediction. When you spread the deck and spectator reads your prediction, they have placed the business card in-between the two cards you predicted on the reverse of your business card.
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    Review by Zack
    Ease Of Use
    This is an amazing effect and a lot easier than you would think. The only part I liked about the video was the phone routine the other routines they put in are really bad and can be done ungimmicked. The phone routine is easy however I found out that this only works on any iphone but most people have them. If you use a different type of phone you have to cover up something on the screen that shows up that you don't want the audience to see. Overall the phone routine is brilliant but only fully works on iphones and the other routines they put in suck cause I can do them ungimmicked. (Posted on 6/7/14)
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