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Matrix : Visual Close-up Coin Magic by Tomas Medina - DVD

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    One of the most popular close-up magic tricks of all time.

    Four coins are placed on a table, outlining the points of a square. The coins are momentarily covered by cards. Then, visually and instantly, they gather together -- magically moving about the table top - on a visual and inexplicable manner than can only be described as pure magic.

    On this DVD, professional magician Tomás Medina demonstrates and explains four versions of Matrix, and outlines every detail, including:
    • Versions for beginners and professionals
    • All necessary sleights and moves
    • Variations both with and without playing cards
    • Detailed history and credits of the effect
    • And much more!
    Matrix is a trick that can be performed with borrowed objects -- pocket change -- at a moment's notice. Take the time to learn it, perfect it, and perform it. You'll be glad you did.

    Running Time Approximately: 15mins
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