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Mandolin Stripper Deck

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  • Product Description


    A classic in magic. Versatile and easy to use trick deck.

    The Effect:
    The magician easy finds the selected card after it has been lost in the pack. Easily control the location of any card, even after the deck is shuffled.,p>

    Recommended For:
    We recommend this trick for anyone looking to perform amazing card magic without learning sleight of hand or technical skills. Great for controlling the position of any number of cards in the deck. Additional material available to teach you over a hundred uses for this cleaver pack of cards.

    Trick Specifications:
    Your choice of blue or red backed Bicycle cards.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Card Trick.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by PeteMaurer
    Ease Of Use
    I Love Stripper Decks, But This One (At Least The One I Have) Has A Problem. The Taper Is Not Uniform Throughout The Deck. As Long As You Keep The Deck In New-Deck Order (From The Bottom, Ace-To-King Of Spades, Ace-To-King Of Diamonds, King-To-Ace Of Clubs, King-To-Ace Of Hearts) Everything Is Ok. But Once The Deck Is Shuffled The Edge Of The Deck Feels Rough. If You'Re Not Careful, You Can Actually Strip Out The Wrong Card. I Also Have The David Blane Deck, Which Is Razor Sharp No Matter How It Is Shuffled. (Posted on 5/21/11)
    Review by Allergix319
    Ease Of Use
    A Cleaver Item, But The Gimmick Is Very Obvious. I Bought This Cause I Thought There Would Be Pics Of Strippers On The Cards. Everyone Will Know How It'S Done, Very Cheaply Made, Will Only Last You A Few Performances. (Posted on 12/5/10)
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