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Magician table with Close up mat (Green) & Legs - by Bazar de Magia - Trick

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    Are you a restaurant worker? Perhaps you perform lots of walk-around magic. Are you looking for the perfect table to perform the cups and balls, with the perfect surface for spreading cards, matrixing coins? Then look no further than this Table; it is perfect for all the above and more! Are you looking for the perfect table to complement your act? Do you want it to be easy enough to pack flat, transport, and set up in an instant? Then look no further -- this is the table for you! This Table is beautifully manufactured of durable black colored woods accentuated by a heightened plush velvet top. It even comes with its own table base, allowing for extremely fast set-up and tear-down of the table. And, since it barely takes up and room when packed separately, it makes for the close-up worker a dream-comes-true! Heck, it even makes for a terrific stage, parlour, close-up, or kid show side table as well!

    Great design, great table at a greater price!

    Comes complete with Table, Close-up Mat, and Legs.

    Dimensions Approximately 18" x 14" (45.72cm x 35.56cm)
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