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Magic of Steve Dacri No Filler - Volume 1

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    The Magic of Steve Dacri - No Filler is a series that is overflowing with great magic from one of the best sponge ball manipulators of all time.

    The Breakdown:
    SIGNATURE WILD CARD - A magic classic with a personalized twist as the performer's name magically appears on blank playing cards! A perfect opening effect!

    SPONGE BUNNIES - Steve's touches make this always-popular trick play for larger audiences.

    MINI-BLENDO - Four small scarves of different colors are placed into the magician's hands and instantly turn into a single large four-colored scarf. Simply beautiful and beautifully effective!

    COLOR-CHANGING DECK - A deck of cards changes from red-backed to blue-backed . . . that is, all except for a chosen card. However, that, too, changes to blue so that everything turns out right in the end. Easy to do and extremely magical. What's more . . . the deck is examinable at the end and ready for more magic!

    FOUR ACE PRODUCTION - The magician produces three Aces from a shuffled deck followed by a King. Not willing to accept defeat, the performer magically changes the King into the final Ace. A flourishy way to introduce the Aces that looks impossibly skillful-yet is surprisingly simple!

    FOUR ACE TRIUMPH - A deck of cards is divided and one half is turned face up. The two halves are shuffled together yet the magician manages to magically right the entire deck except for four cards, which just happen to be the four Aces. You'll love Steve's face-up face-down convincer.

    RAZOR CARDS - Himber's classic routine with the Dacri touch! A card is selected and returned to the pack. The cards are placed back into the box along with a straight-edge razor blade. The box is shaken and when the cards are spilled out, they're all in pieces except for the spectator's selected card.

    MARTIAN SPONGE BALLS - This is the trick that has taken Steve Dacri around the world. This is, arguably, one of the best and most commercial sponge ball routines ever devised.

    HAN PING CHIEN - Three coins travel invisibly from one of the performer's hands to the other. A great handling for another magic classic with a subtlety that guarantees spectator interest and involvement.

    BONUS SECTION - A hilarious clip from one of television's most-loved TV shows. Watch as Steve stars in two very funny segments from Allen Funt's classic "Candid Camera."

    Running Time: Approximately 39 Minutes.

    Category: Magic DVD.

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