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Las Vegas Card Miracles by Allan Ackerman - DVD

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    Deceptive Card Magic for the Discerning Conjuror.

    Allan Ackerman is one of the world's foremost experts at sleight-of-hand magic and gambling moves with playing cards. On this incredible DVD you will be treated to a treasure trove of elegant and deceptive card magic from Allan Ackerman, the "Las Vegas Card Expert"! These are some of Allan's most closely-guarded effects that he uses to boggle the minds of both laymen and magicians alike. It is card magic like this has earned Allan a worldwide reputation.

    Magic can be a lifetime hobby and card magic is the poetry of prestidigitation. So grab a deck of cards, sit back, relax and let Allan Ackerman's succinct, laid-back teaching style guide you through the joys of professional card magic! You'll be fooling your friends and family in no time at all! Las Vegas Card Miracles has something for virtually every skill level!

    • Impromptu Finesse the Finesse
    • Logical Princess
    • Diamond Cutter
    • Really Real Gone Aces
    • Pinochle Card Trick
    • Edge Assembly
    • Cannibalistic Ack
    • Jinx Assembly
    • LJ Visits BJ
    • An Added Dimension
    • HP Assembly


    • Cardini Multiple Shift to Palm
    • New Math Addition
    • Card to Pocket
    • Simulated Double Undercut
    • Simulated Slip Cut
    • Fingertip Rhythm
    • Ultra Rub-A-Dub-Dub
    • Tabled Jinx Switch
    • The AI Move
    • Edge Addition
    • HP Add-On
    Running Time Approximately 110min
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