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    Kinetica is a collection of three telekinetic demonstrations from the mind of Sean Fields and presented by Criss Angel.

    The Effects:
    Kinetic Ring - Poetry in motion. After placing your ring into your palm, it slowly stands up and rotates above your hand before suddenly stopping and falling back into your palm. Finally, the ring literally flies back onto your finger! This effect is so powerful it will be featured in Criss' next television special.

    Kinetic Coin - A borrowed quarter visually warps and bends as you stroke it with your finger. One of the most unorthodox methods for bending a coin you will ever see!

    Kinetic Bill - The classic self folding bill illusion, with a borrowed bill! Sean's handling is simple, direct, and elegant.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for demonstrations of mind over matter. Brilliant demonstration for close-up, walk-around, or street performances.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes complete with the gimmicks you will need to start manipulating matter immediately.

    Shot on location in Las Vegas, Sean walks you step by step through the illusions, from preparation to performance, ensuring you know the subtleties and details of each effect.

    Skill Level: Easy
    Category: Close-Up, Mentalism

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    Review by Anthony
    Ease Of Use
    Kinetica is your perfect solution for an amazing feat of P.K. Animations are far better than levitations. When I first saw Fields perform the kinetic ring, I was completely fooled. I had no freaking idea how he was doing it. I got the DVD for Christmas then i could not believe that i had the gimmick in my magic drawer all along. My favorite is the self folding bill. You can borrow any bill. Now gimmicked bills are used in this effect. This makes this plot so much easier to perform. it is not an opinion, but a fact that this demonstration is the easiest on the DVD. The kinetic coin is the most difficult to perform because it is so unorthodox. I would much rather do a what David Blaine did and have the spectator bend the coin. The kinetic coin is one that I have not performed yet because I an still practicing. But in the end the effect is completely amazing. I had no idea at all how Fields was bending that coin with just a stroke of his finger. This DVD is the only DVD I would buy for P.K. That and Loops. Kinetica will last you forever. You WILL be having so much fun with these methods. I highly recommend this to working performerr. This is Not a trick for beginers so beginers, DON'T get this. (Posted on 5/19/14)
    Review by tattooedmagician
    Ease Of Use
    I think that this was an okay trick didn't come with a ring and you have make the gimmick. The puddy was half assed and did not stick to anything, so I just went an bought good quality items to make a better gimmick (Posted on 3/1/13)
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