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Key in Bottle

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    They Key in Bottle by Nahuel Olivera is a brilliantly manufactured gimmick that updates a classic of magic.

    The Effect:
    The magician asks an audience member to fit a key into a bottle. After several failed attempts the audience member verifies that the opening of the bottle is just too small to fit the key through. The magician then fits the key into the bottle without any effort at all. In fact the key is still to big to fit through the opening so it is now trapped inside of the bottle. The key is plucked from inide of the bottle by the magician and everything can be examined.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for close-up and parlor magicians. The sound of the key in the bottle helps this effect play to larger audiences.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes two special keys and text instructions. (Use any bottle you would like.)

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Category: Close-Up.

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