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Juggling 101 DVD

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    Finally, a DVD that covers a wide variety of juggling skills.

    It is a full length, full-featured DVD encompassing an immense collection of juggling and circus skills. You'll be taught over 100 tricks and tips in digital format for everyone from beginner to pro. With even the most difficult of tricks broken down into the simplest of components, Juggling 101 is truly an educational masterpiece.

    Includes instructions on 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, clubs, ball passing, club passing, diabolo, devilstick, rings and spinning plates!

    Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by JugglingSara
    Ease Of Use
    This Dvd Shows An Great Array Of Tricks With Many Different Props. These Gave Me Great Ideas On Things To Try. The Downside Is That It Fails To Completely Teach You The Move. Let'S Take Mill'S Mess For Example; A Complex Trick That Requires 3 Balls Moving In 3 Separate Paths. The Dvd Does A Good Job Explaining The 3 Moves And Exercises To Learn Them. However, It Never Explains How To Start With 3 Balls! It Goes From Practicing 2 Of The Balls At-A-Time To "There You Have It - Mill'S Mess!" This Deficiency Was Present In Many Of The Tricks Demonstrated. In Addition, Video Didn'T Work Well When It Came To Rewinding, Slow Motion Or Other Techniques Helpful In Breaking Down The Trick. (Posted on 11/7/07)
    Review by RunningDuck
    Ease Of Use
    This Dvd Is Packed With Valuable Information. The Beginning To Intermediate Ball, Club, Ring And Diabolo Juggler Can All Benefit From This Video. Why The Low Score, Then? Because There Are A Lot Of Flaws That Very Nearly Outweigh The Information'S Values. First And Foremost, All The Instructional Segments Are Washed Out, Like They Completely Screwed Up The White Balance On The Camera. I Don'T Know What Kind Of An Artistic Statement They Were Trying To Make With It, But They Missed. It Was Distracting, And It Made Some Fairly Important Things, Like The Diabolo String, Impossible To See. In An Informational Video, Nothing Should Impede The Viewer'S Ability To Observe, And They Screwed That Up Bigtime. Further, There Are Several Tricks In The Video That They Attempted To Show, But The Juggler They Had Performing Them Couldn'T Pull Off Properly, Or At All. The Narrator Has To Say "But Don'S A Little Rusty" Or Something Similar To Justify It. The Reason I'M Watching The Video Is Because I Want You To Show Me The Trick. If You Can'T Show Me The Trick, Why Am I Watching Your Video? - Overall, It'S Good. Lots Of Information, Lots Of Tricks. If You'Re A Beginner, This Is A Fine Video To Start Out, And Intermediate Jugglers Will Get Some Value From It As Well, If You Can Forgive The Flaws. (Posted on 10/29/06)
    Review by Peter L
    Ease Of Use
    Taught Me How To Juggle Well. A Little Cheesy, But I Liked The Assortment Of Things It Teaches You. After Getting The Dvd, I Got Clubs, A Diablo And Devil Sticks. (Posted on 10/23/05)
    Review by Ellie
    Ease Of Use
    A Great Dvd! Very Helpful And Entertaining. (Posted on 7/13/05)
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