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Instant Card Restoration by Henry Evans - Trick

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    Henry Evans presents a new effect from his line Classics with a Twist

    Instant Card Restoration by MERPIN

    Imagine being able to perform one of the strongest card effects, a real classic in card magic, but with an original approach suitable for stand up magic.


    A card is selected and after the magician fails to guess it. He tears it into pieces, while he says, "I must confess this has already happened to me othe times," showing a transparent bag filled with card pieces. After the audience erupts into laughter, the magician gives a spectator one piece to hold. The other ones are put in the bag together with the other dozens of pieces. The performer says there is one possible solution, he takes a transparent glass and puts it in the bag, taking it out full of card pieces; covering it with a silk and with a magic gesture, once the silk is removed all pieces have vanished from the glass except one card. It is the restored card! And of course one piece is missing, the one which the spectator has been holding and now perfectly matches the selection. In the end, both glass and bag can be examined.

    With this great presentation of the effect, you can amaze and amuse any parlour show's audience. It is fun and original and keeps the strength of the original classic.

    What you receive:
    • A plastic transparent glass
    • A transparent bag
    • A silk
    • Two decks of Bicycle cards
    • A special fake
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