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Insignia by Eric Ross

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    Insignia is the latest idea from the creative mind of Eric Ross.

    The Effect:
    The specetator is asked to hold onto the magi's soda, so that the magi can show the spectator something unique. The spectator is then asked to pick a card. The Card is picked, and remembered then put away. The magi takes a couple guesses at the card, but fails...

    Just when the effect looks like it may have hit a dead end, the magi asks that the attention is adverted toward the bottle. The spectator sees the name of the soda (Or the Insignia) on the label, but then with a quick shake of the bottle, the Insignia of the label turns into the thought of prediction.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes: Coke and Mountain Dew gimmicked Labels and detailed instructions. American Text ONLY.

    Skill Level: Easy

    Category: Card Trick.

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