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    No Sleight of hand and always resets itself.

    The Effect:
    Eight cards are layed out and a Prediction card with a different colored back is placed face-down on the table. The spectator selects which cards are put away and which cards stay on the table until there is only one card left on the table. The prediction card is turned over to reveal an exact match with the remaining card.

    Recommended For:
    Great for close-up, card, and mentalism magicians. Very Easy to do.

    Trick Specifications:
    Specially printed cards, detailed instruction and performance DVD..

    Skill Level: Easiest.
    Category: Card Trick.

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    Review by Joe
    Ease Of Use
    A Great Trick For Beginners As It Is Essentially Self-Working. You Can Make It Even Better If You Can "Sell" It Through Clever Patter And Presentation. The Only Thing That Keeps It From Being An Overall "5" Is That Reasonably Astute Audience Members May Be Able To Figure It Out. (Posted on 12/1/08)
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