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Inexhaustible Sponge

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  • Product Description


    Another brilliant and useful stage prop from Kevin James.

    The Effect:
    At anytime during your performance, you wipe your forehead with a sponge and squeeze it over a bucket, producing large amounts of water from the sponge! You leave the sponge on the tray and with no cover, switch or suspicious moves, you are able to repeat the effect just moments later. This is a great running gag which you can repeat as many times as you wish. It also comes with ideas for several surprise endings. The water in the bucket can become confetti, turn into a block of ice with a selected card inside or just vanish.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for birthday parties, stage shows, and comedy acts.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes with tray, special sponge and instructions. You supply the bucket and water.

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category: Stage Magic.

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    Review by Taylor
    Ease Of Use
    I Just Got This For My Birthday And It Is The Best!!! It'S A Really Cool Gimmick And Is Really Easy To Learn. Although The Bucket Is Not Included With The Set, I Use A Plastic Solo Cup. It Comes With The Instructions For How To Use The Gimmick And A Bunch Of Other Ideas On How To Use This Trick. (Drinking Whole Bucket Of Sweat Is And Option) &) (Posted on 6/16/10)
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