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    Instantly divine a song the spectator has randomly chosen from your iPod or MP3 player!

    The Effect:
    A spectator is invited to listen to as many songs as they'd like from your favorite playlist (a folder that contains a compilation of 60-70 songs) on your iPod or MP3 player. They are all different. The spectator is asked to scroll through and randomly stop at any song in the playlist, while the iPod is out of site-behind their back or under the table. They are now encouraged to remove the headphones and sing the tune in their mind. You can be in another room as this happens. Now for the mind-blowing climax: You bring your ear close to theirs. You explain that you are listening for the beat and melody of the tune that is still reverberating off their eardrums, and vibrating in their head. To the absolute disbelief of the spectator, bit by bit you start to hum the tune they are thinking of, and then suddenly you name the selected song!

    Recommended For:
    Mentalists, Street Magicians, and Close-Up Magicians.

    Trick Specifications:
    Instructional DVD. Run Time: Approx. 55 Minutes..

    Skill Level: Intermediate.
    Category: Mentalism.

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    Review by Goldfish
    Ease Of Use
    I Got This For Christmas And I Love It Except For The Setup (Posted on 1/15/10)
    Review by Alex
    Ease Of Use
    This Trick Is Very Good And Gets Great Reactions But The Only Part Thats Kind Of Annoying Is The Set Up But Otherwise A Great Trick Definitely Worth The Money (Posted on 1/29/09)
    Review by someone
    Ease Of Use
    Pleaze Get This Item In Stock! (Posted on 4/7/08)
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