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Ice Breakers (with Cards) by Michael Ammar - DVD

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    Based on his popular ICEBREAKERS seminar, now you can magically surprise your lunch making their check disappear! Print your business card for clients..with your bare hands! You can, at will, be the life of the party, win new friends, gain credibility and build self-esteem with magical secrets so simple you can perform them right now!

    People from all walks of life have proven magic is the ultimate life sport for the 21st century. Women, men , CEO's, and senior citizens have discovered the limitless potential behind human interaction enhanced by magic.

    This course insn't designed to make you a magician, but to bring a little em magic into every day events. Magic that will be perfectly natural for the places you spend most of your time. In a restaurant, when handing out your business card, - in fact, almost anywhere you interact, there are icebreaking magical surprises waiting for you!

    Effects Included:
    • Self-Rising Cigarette
    • Broken and Restored Rubberband
    • Self Printing Business Card
    • Animated Cigarette
    • Pencil Behind Ear
    • Bending Spoon Illusion
    • Salt Shaker through Table
    • Magical Ashes
    • Match into Match-Book
    • Penetrating Ashes
    • Broken and Restored Match
    DVD includes all necessary cards to perform Michael Skinner's Three Card Monte!
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