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Hole Surprise

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    Is the hole moving on the card or is the card moving through the bolt?

    The Effect:
    The performer shows the audience a fully examinable set of three cards that are held together tightly by a nut and bolt. A spectator is asked to disassemble the set and examine it. The magician then takes the set back and reassembles it. He takes out two rubber bands to hold the top and bottom card in place. He then asks the spectator to pull the middle card out from in between them, even though it appears to be held in place tightly by the nut and bolt. The spectator does so, and the card penetrates the bolt!! The card can then be examined!

    Recommended For:
    Card and Close-up magicians.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes with specially made gimmicks and instructional CD-ROM.

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category: Card Trick.

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