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Hayabusa Yo-Yo

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    We're proud to offer you the long awaited for new offstring Yo-Yo from Duncan. The Hayabusa is top of the line professional Offstring / 4A play Yo-Yo.

    About the Yo-Yo:
    Hayabusa has been developed by the Duncans Japanese Crew. The Japanese tranlation for Hayabusa is "Falcon".

    This is great Yo-Yo for the intermediate to professional off-string player. This Yo-Yo comes with 4 spacers enabling four different gap settings. You'll also recieve the new recessed triad, friction stickers or silicone stickers as well as an extra length of string.

    Axle Type: Ball Bearing.
    Shape: Wing-Shaped.
    Size: Weight: 2.5 oz (72g). Diameter: 2.57 Inch (65mm) Thickness: 1.84 Inch (47mm).

    Color Choices:
    The color pictured may not be what you recieve. At this time we are not taking color choice options online. We recieve this Yo-yo by the case and are unable to specify colors.

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