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The Haunted Doll

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    A totally NEW upgrade of an underground classic!

    A mysterious, shadowy figure enters the room, and without saying a word, places a creepy wooden doll on his outstretched hand. Immediately, after the terrifying soundtrack has started in the background, the doll starts to eerily rise from his hand...after it has fully risen, the surrounding spectators pass their hands around the wooden figure to make sure there are no means of support, as it again creepily makes its descent.... and as one of the spectators goes to grab the doll from the stranger's hand, a scream is heard more deafening than the Bansee, sending shivers up everyone's spine & nearly gives the intruding audience member a heart-attack.



    Includes over 1 Hour of in-depth handling alongside, Rogue, who has over 20 years of performance experience with the doll.

    This effect has been in my repertoire and has never let me down. It Can be performed in any situation, Any venue, anytime, anywhere!"
    - Rogue

    Each Haunted Doll has been intricately hand-made to perfection according to Rogue's exact specifications so that it is streamlined for performance.


    "I hated this effect until I saw this version! LOVE IT!!! This effect is a very strong close up illusion, sadly one that is often overlooked and easily dismissed by most professionals. Rogue's design of the stick man will make those naysayers think twice. It is highly detailed, looks organic, and is of superior quality. If I owned a gun I'd put it to your head and make you buy two of them!"

    "A truly NEW streamlined reworking of an overlooked underground gem! Spooky, Organic, Impressive...You WILL use this version!"

    "The BEST Version ever created, you will never look back. I've sold magic in some of the greatest Magic Shops in the world and this is the best version ever made. My absolute favorite."

    "I absolutely love this! Get it! Do it!"

    Geek Guarantee
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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by casper
    Ease Of Use
    great product just a little painful to use literally other than that its worth it. (Posted on 3/29/14)
    Review by Dean K
    Ease Of Use
    I got this trick and was able to master it within a few days of practice. The gimmick is so brilliant. This trick has yet to fail me during performance and I highly recommend it! (Posted on 1/2/14)
    Review by Jackson
    Ease Of Use
    this is a creepy trick all around. I don't want to give away how the trick works but i will say that it does involve putting a sharp piece of metal into your skin. I wouldn't recommend this trick to anyone because it really tears up your hands. Also people don't find it very magical from my experience with the doll. (Posted on 12/30/13)
    Review by That One Guy
    Ease Of Use
    It does everything is says it does without any magnets or strings. The secret is very clear cut and simple. But the performance as Rogue does it requires tons of practice. I'm not going to reveal anything but if you're germophobic, don't get this effect. But overall with lots of practice you can amaze people. Although it is examinable, the secret can be found out by a attentive spectator. The DVD is done well. (Posted on 12/19/13)
    Review by TheRealMagicJack
    Ease Of Use
    'The Haunted Doll' by Rogue is one of the craziest magic effects I've ever purchased, not only because of the illusion it creates but it's methodology. The prop is well made and has a really nice 'Blair Witch' kind of look and feel to it. It's made out of wood and has a weathered looking string wrapped around the arms and torso which gives it a raw woodsy vibe. I give the prop a very solid '5'.

    Now for the secret: Umm, how do I approach this? O.K., let me start by saying I won't be performing this using the provided and taught method. It's not because it's somewhat evil in itself but because I have a particular skin condition and can't without pain and/or bleeding. Yes, the gimmick is built into the prop and no it's not a thread or magnet, it's something more sinister. There is a certain amount of bravery needed to perform it as per the gimmick and provided method. Another issue will be allowing a spectator to handle and examine it. It can be done but you may want to cross your fingers while it is. If the spectator stumbles onto it you'll know as they'll be giving a very angry and surprised expression and probably call you a sicko.

    In conclusion I want to say that I think it's a good purchase. Once again the prop is really cool and atmospheric plus other methods to animate it are possible, even using the installed gimmick. Also, the reservations I have with the provided method is of a personal nature. Rogue and a friend do it a few times while explaining it on the dvd and don't seem to be bothered in the least.

    In conclusion, the cost gets you a very nice and cool looking prop that will last forever and if you're not squeamish and have a good epidermis you'll going to love the provided secret. If not I recommend buying some 'Loops' or similar item as you'll be needing it. You'll also have to practice to get it looking right.

    Performance - 5 stars (with practice and in the right conditions it looks great and gets great reactions)

    Ease of Use - 3 stars (from a personal standpoint, I can't use the provided method, the prop is self-contained however and ready to go at any time).

    Price - 3 stars (nice prop, nice effect, decent instructions, scary method, may have to seek additional gimmickry) (Posted on 12/17/13)
    Review by scot
    Ease Of Use
    Great re do of a older trick- the only thing i did not like was in the promo it looks 100% examinable by spectator but i don't think it is- would give the gimmick away, but during performance you most certainly can do this effect from all angles and get a great reaction- prop is very well made and suites the trick- over all grab trick worth the money (Posted on 11/29/13)
    Review by Ledgermayne
    Ease Of Use
    This is my go to trick. I use callouses on my hand. Finally the callouses are useful. Mischief Managed (Posted on 11/24/13)
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