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Hand Out 500

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  • Product Description


    Hand Out 500 is actually easier and safer to handle than previous versions. There are no bad angles. You never have to worry about your audience seeing any extra thickness!

    The Effect:
    Count out five $1 bills, with a little flick they visually become five $100 bills. You tyhen emediately hand out the five hundreds for examination.

    Recommended For:
    A fantastic opener for any close-up, walk around or street magician.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes supplies for building your custom gimmick and instructional DVD. DVD includes special materials for making the gimmick with your own bills of any denomination in any currency!

    Skill Level: Intermediate.
    Category: Coin and Money.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Brad
    Ease Of Use
    I have received so many great reactions with this effect and it is guaranteed to get those WTF!!!! reactions. The gimmick is kind of hard to make but it is well worth it to make it even though it will take some time the very first time you try to put it together. After that you'll be set to do this trick for a lifetime (almost). (Posted on 5/13/13)
    Review by Bryan
    Ease Of Use
    This Effect Is Amazing! I Love This And I Highly Reccomend It. This Is A Very Good Bill Change. (Posted on 6/3/12)
    Review by Steve Start
    Ease Of Use
    I Think The Video Demo Should Have Also Shown The Demonstrator Ditching The Gimmick. He Has Palmed The Gimmick In His Left Hand And Is Putting It In His Back, Left Pocket Off Camera. Also, Please Note That If You Want To Change The $1'S Into $100'S, You Have To Destroy A $100 Bill. This Substantially Increases The Cost Of The Trick. You Are Welcome To Xerox Some Currency. Just One Little Problem: You Will Probably Go To Jail (So Don'T Do This). This Trick Can Be Fun, But It'S Also Costly And A Bit Of A Pain... (Posted on 11/30/09)
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