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Haiku Book Test by Vincent Hedan - Trick

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    A haiku is a form of codified poetry that appeared in Japan during the second half of the seventeenth century. It consists of a very short text, usually three lines, describing an image, a landscape, an emotion, a feeling...

    Mentalism effect
    French magician Vincent Hedan had created a wonderfull mentalism effect using a notebook of haiku. A spectator chooses freely a haiku, and the magician is able to draw instantaneously what it represents.

    To say it simple, it is a very effective book-test effect. But in fact it is a lot more than that. It creates a moment of pure emotion, a moment of refinement and of elegance...

    "Vincent Hedan's Haiku is a clever combination of poetry and mental magic beautifully wrapped to create a strong effect with emotion. Everything I like!" - Boris Wild

    "Vincent Hedan's Haiku book test is novel, beautifully produced and its method rests on a smart combination of subtle ideas." - Stephen Minch
    • No question
    • No preshow
    • No stooge
    • Free choice of haiku
    • All haiku are different
    • The notebook is examinable
    • The perfect book test : you can always have it in your pocket
    • Can be done in the street for one person or on stage for five hundred.
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