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Grant's Illusion Secrets by Paul Osborne - Book

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    "When I first wanted to learn about illusions, this was the first book I bought."
    - Paul Osborne

    This hard-to-find manuscript was written and illustrated in the fifties. Illusion Systems has now brought it back! It contains many illusion secrets that have been expanded on, built and performed by most all of today's greatest magicians, from Blackstone to Henning to Copperfield. Like them, this is a great place to begin your studies of illusions.

    Within these pages you will find:
    • Girl in Net
    • Mummy Cloth
    • Hindu Basket
    • Cane Cabinet
    • Sawing Thru
    • Screen Illusion
    • Chain Suspension
    • Sword Cabinet
    • Suitcase Suspension
    • Girl in Shower
    • Buzz Saw
    • Lite Bulbs Thru Girl
    • Park Bench Vanish
    • Dagger Head Vanish
    • Girl in House
    • Book of Life
    • Electric Chair
    • Chair Vanish
    • Tent Illusion
    • Dancing Slippers
    • Big Production
    • Human Ex-Ray
    • Packing Box
    • Thru a Ribbon
    Pages: 45 - 8.5" x 11" - Black and white drawings
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