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Get Your Act Together by Joanie Spina - DVD

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    This revolutionary two DVD set is for the serious performer who wishes to learn how to develop, build, and improve his or her stage act.

    Some of the subjects addressed:
    • Selecting the material that is best for you
    • Evaluating your strengths and talents
    • Directing focus
    • Structuring a routine
    • Creating striking and memorable pictures
    • Building a "vocabulary" of moves
    • Movement as dialogue
    • Utilizing props in the choreography
    • Movement exercises
    • Applause cues
    • Smooth transitions
    • Tips for assistants
    • Selecting the appropriate music
    • And much more!
    The series features video clips from the acts of numerous successful professional magicians including Becky Blaney, Connie Boyd, Jason Byrne, Christopher Hart, Jeff Hobson, Mark Kalin and Jinger, Tim Kole and Jenny Lyn, Rocco, Ashley Springer, Kevin and Cindy Spencer, and Marco Tempest.
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