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Gamma Brain Wing

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    The Gamma Brain Wing is the best beginner yo-yo to advance with on the market today. Yomegas patented triple transaxle technology, the Gamma Brain allows players auto-returns in one mode with the option to "smart-switch" to more advanced ball bearing speeds and tricks.

    Wing shaped, the Gamma Brain comes with the Yomega Mania DVD, extra string and a trick book.


    Axle Type: Clutch Transaxle w/ On/Off switch.
    Shape: Wing Shaped.
    Size: Weight: 1.9 oz (56g). Diameter: 2.375 Inch. Thickness: 1.25 Inch.

    For more information on yo-yo specifications and choosing the correct yo-yo, please see our Yo-yo Buyers Guide. Click Here.

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