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Fracture by Joe Rindfleisch - DVD

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    Joe Rindfleisch has created an amazing impromptu routine that uses no props. Using your fingers alone you can perform an impossible looking routine that will make your audiences scream as they see your fingers spin and twist into impossible and painful contortions.

    The four phase routine is devastating as a routine but each phase can also be performed as a separate piece to fry and entertain your friends and onlookers.

    Windup: In phase one, each of your fingers appear to spin like the hands of a clock.

    Limber: In phase two, your thumb is bent to an impossible position until it breaks. You then fix it so it can be used for the rest of the routine.

    Break: In phase three, your index finger is turned into right angles.

    Tip Twist: In phase four, you grab the tip of your index finger and bend it to such an extreme position your audience will scream and squirm.

    These routines are very special. Since your audiences know the limitations of what a hand can do they get emotionally involved when they see this and can almost feel the pain. It is very uncomfortable to watch live and becomes a very memorable piece of magic.
    A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: March 2011.

    Running time: Approximately 30 minutes.

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