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Foating Lady by Mr. Magic - Trick

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    This is one of the best close-up miracles ever developed. Perform it right under the noses of the spectators and watch their reaction. You show two playing cards. Take out a match stick or borrow one. Now you place the picture of the Lady (supplied) on one of the cards, you give your magical spell (?). Slowly and visibly the Lady floats above the card about half of an inch. This is no visible support, yet it rises up. To further prove that there is no support of any kind, you pass the other playing card under it! Again at your command the Lady comes down and rests on the card.
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    Review by Purple The Magnificent
    Ease Of Use
    This is an overall great trick worth more than what you pay. It's simple to learn and perform. Definitely in my opinion worth getting. My favorite feature about this trick is that it's not real lightweight and flimsy. I also like the fact that it is small enough to keep in your pocket and pull out for some close up magic. (Posted on 11/19/13)
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