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Floating Bill - Royal and Gabe Fajuri

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    --Blaine Watch--

    On David Blaine's Magic Man TV Special, he features the floating dollar bill.  Learn it here.

    This booklet teaches one of the most astonishing, startling, visual tricks in all of magic.

    Imagine this:

    Borrow a dollar bill.
    Crumple it into a loose ball.
    Set it on your open palm.
    Slowly, eerily and mysteriously, the bill rises off of your hand!

    Imagine no longer!

    The secret of this incredible feat is described in detail inside this booklet.

    Thoroughly illustrated, concise instructions make learning this miracle easy. Additionally, included inside are enough of the "special something" for hundreds of performances, and the gimmick for a second version of the Floating Bill using an entirely different method!

    Bonus Effects:

    The instructions detail several astonishing bonus tricks, too. You'll learn how to divine the serial number of a borrowed bill, and a second version of the Floating Bill trick, for which a special gimmick has been included!

    16 pages, saddle-stiched. Illustrated by Tony Dunn.

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