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Fire Wallet by Mark Mason and JB Magic - Trick

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    Regarded as the best fire wallet in the business, J B have this back in stock.

    This wallet will fit into any pocket, even jeans. It has been crafted from the finest leather. High flames, Brass plates, new easy grip wheel, for first time, every time ignition.

    Open the wallet and it immediately bursts into flames. In a flash the flames disappear, the inside of the wallet is shown to be absolutely regular and full of money (supply your own money), business cards etc.

    These are made in BLACK only. Made from the finest leather. This wallet looks and indeed can be used as an everyday wallet.

    Not sold to anyone under the age of 18.
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    Review by Marius
    Ease Of Use
    This is the second Fire Wallet I have bought. I think the one I got first is the one called plain "Magic Fire Wallet" on this site, allthough I bought mine from a different site. This one is slightly cheaper, but it is a bit worse:
    - This one has no place for your coins.
    - The lighter on this one is lose, which I personally do not like.
    - The 'fire pads' inside are too far from each other, resulting in sometimes only one side of the wallet is burning.
    - It does not seem to use any magnets or other mechanisms to keep the wallet together.

    The one thing that I did like better on this one though, is that its a bit flatter, and the overall shape is a tiny bit better than the other one.

    Im not 100% happy with my other one neither, thats why I tested this one.. But seems to be bader when it gets cheaper (of course?). I would gladly pay the 4x or 5x the original price, for a perfect fire wallet, that actually completely hides the lighter, uses a heavier lock mechanism and doesnt have a coin pocket that disolves (like my old one sort of has).

    (Posted on 1/4/13)
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