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False Shuffles Private Lesson

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    In the False Shuffles Private Lesson, Chris Ballinger teaches four practical and deceptive ways to shuffle the cards while retaining their original order.

    The goal of this instructional video is to quickly and effectively equip you with one of the most useful skills in card magic.

    Fancy Blind Cut
    The deck is cut several times, yet the entire pack remains in its original order.

    Overhand Shuffle
    A very random-looking shuffle that does nothing to the order of the cards.

    Slop Shuffle
    A shuffle that says "I don't care what order they're in, I just want them mixed." The cards look genuinely mixed.

    Riffle Shuffle
    Shuffle the cards with a classic riffle shuffle (exactly like the shuffles done in casinos) yet, the cards stay in the exact order they were in at the start.

    These shuffles are ment to be used with any of your current routines, but Chris teaches his absolute favorite stacked deck routine to get you performing the false shuffle right out of the gate.

    This Product is an Instant Download.
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    Recommended For:
    Perfect for those wanting to make their card routines more deceptive. If you're new to magic, this will jump-start your card magic and if you're a seasoned pro, you'll find clear instructions on versitile techniques.

    Trick Specifications:
    Instantly downloadable video file teaches, in detail, how to perform the sleight. Run Time: 18:06.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Materials Needed: A deck of cards.
    Category: Instant Download.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Aidan
    Ease Of Use
    This instant download is awesome! Chris's instructions are so easy to follow that I was able to learn all four false shuffles in about a half hour. The false shuffles are great and the bonus routine is very cleverly done. I highly recommend this to any card magician. (Posted on 2/1/14)
    Review by Zack
    Ease Of Use
    Once again Chris has not disappointed me with any trick or lesson he makes. Chris breaks down these shuffles really easily. Nobody has ever told me I did a false shuffle when I do these the cards looked shuffled even to you. The shuffles are really easy and really deceptive. (Posted on 1/24/14)
    Review by Wayne
    Ease Of Use
    Great way to learn magic. Good camera work. Easy to follow along as Chris teaches. Love instant downloads. (Posted on 1/4/13)
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