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Falcon Flight by John Calvert & The Miracle Factory

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    Over 90 Minutes of Material
    One-hour film of Calvert's 1995 evening show
    30-minute Calvert interview
    Twenty classic Calvert effects performed

    Hosted by Jeff Hobson

    From Hobson's Lecture Network Archives

    Highlights include:
    Opening: Dove-Catching, Bowl of Water Production, Two-Girl Appearance, Silk Streamer Production, Dove Vanish and Reproduction, Vanishing Water
    Calvert's Cigarette Production Routine (Partially obscured)
    Nest of Boxes with Watches
    Dancing Handkerchief
    The Lazy Magician
    Blindfolded Sharpshooting
    Torn and Restored Magazine Page
    Drum Production
    Floating Organ
    Paper Balls Over Head
    Doll House
    Boudoir Surprise
    Spirit Cabinet

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