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Extended Play (Epic)

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    EP: The Card Magic of Valdemar Gestur by Dan and Dave

    The Effect:

    What if magic was inspired by trick-photography? If you were to look beyond what is possible with sleight of hand and focus on what is not, what would you imagine? Only then would you begin to engineer the method. This is essentially the workflow for Valdemar Gestur, an innovative young inventor of card tricks and featured artist on Dan and Dave. You know him from Trigger, Flow Change and Trixel. Now, we are excited to announce two brand new effects and the debut of his first DVD.

    Combining innovative concepts with minimal sleight of hand, Valdemar Gestur is truly unique. He incorporates elements we believe make for great magic and his methods are hands-off with little to suspect. The effects are direct and highly visual.

    Extended Play is a combination of Valdemar's past three releases and two brand new ones. Five tricks in all, with over 13 variations. Performed and explained by the uber talented Shin Lim.

    Trick Specifications:
    Instructional DVD, This DVD does NOT contain any gimmicks.

    Skill Level:

    Card Magic, Card Manipulation, DVD's

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