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Expert Coin Magic

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    Learn Coin Magic from the man Dai Vernon said, "...has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius."


    Section One - Magic in the Hands

    Chapter 1
    -The Retention Vanish
    -Fingertip Retention Vanish
    -The Shuffle Pass
    -Roth Palm Change
    -Skinner's Spidergrip Vanish
    -Lapping A Coin From the Closed Fist
    -The Kaps Subtlety
    -Benzais Friction Palm
    -Three-Coin Click Pass
    -The Flurry
    -Stand up Flurry Climax

    Chapter 2
    -Deep Palm Tenkai Pennies
    -Deep Palm Tenkai Double Vanish
    -Deep Palm Tenkai Merge
    -Karate Coin For Professional Performance
    -Continuous Spellbound
    -Pulling Off Ten Cents
    -A Mighty Squeeze
    -Squeeze It
    -A Funnel Coin In Bottle
    -New Wave Coin In Bottle

    Chapter 10
    -Out With Four
    -Out With Five
    -Out In Out
    -Coins Through Hand
    -Four Halves To Four Dimes
    -A Chinese Climax
    -Thumb Steal To Edge Grip
    -Out With Four a la Edge Grip
    -Copper Flight
    -Triple Change Climax
    -Copper/Silver For Magicians No.1
    -Copper/Silver For Magicians No.2
    -Three Silvers And One Copper
    -The Sokito Box
    -Four-Coin Transposition
    -The Heavy Box Routine
    -The Nokito box

    Section Three - Magic At The TableChapter 11
    -The Table Purse And Glass
    -The Ruler
    -The Portable Hole
    -The Micrometer
    -The Planet
    -The Funnel
    -Linking Coins II
    -The Rainbow
    -The Sleeve
    -Silly Putty
    -The Salt Shaker
    -The Stamp Trick
    -The Tuning Fork

    Recommended For:
    Those who want to advance their coin sleight of hand.

    Hardbound and Fully Illustrated. Pages: 369

    Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced.
    Category: Magic Books.

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