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Expert at the Card Table - Book

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    For almost a century, this book has been considered indispensable to attaining the highest level of card mastery.

    The first section of the book deals with card table artifice, or, to put it more bluntly, cheating at cards. Step by step, Mr. Erdnase demonstrates his own systems of false shuffling, false riffling and cutting, dealing from the bottom and such slick moves as palming cards, "skinning the hand," even three-card monte.

    The second section covers legerdemain: the art of forcing a card, one- and two-hand transformations, the devious "slide" and more. Card handlers will love Erdnase's selection of dazzling card tricks, including The Acrobatic Jacks, The Exclusive Coterie, The Divining Rod, The Invisible Flight, a Mind Reading Tick and many others.

    In an informative foreword to this edition, Martin Gardner relates the unhappy details of the author's personal life, and recounts the history of this famous book, whose methods, Mr. Gardner asserts, "are as useful today by magicians and card hustlers as they were in 1902. This book is still the bible of card 'mechanics,' and as much a delight to read as it was in the early years of this century."

    Recommended For:
    Magicians and magic historians wanting to learn magic from one of its great masters.

    Pages 130 - Soft Bound

    Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced.
    Category: Magic Books.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Corey
    Ease Of Use
    This book has a lot of card handling tips and tricks but is hard to follow. Each trick only has a couple illustrations and is written kind of weird. I was written 111 years ago and is a little hard to follow. Has a lot in it though. (Posted on 5/7/13)
    Review by Brad
    Ease Of Use
    This book has been known as the cardman's bible for a very long time. Surprisingly, many who have declared themselves card magicians have not even picked up this book. And yes, I was among them until recently. At the recommendation of a few big card guys, I decided to finally pick up this book, and it is actually easier than you think. Given that this was written more than a century ago, there are still a lot of items in the book that are relevant to modern conjurers. If you're a close up card guy and you're interested in table work, this is the book for you. Study it. Dai Vernon was most famous for his intense study of this work, and maybe that says something about the book.
    (Posted on 4/19/13)
    Review by gery
    Ease Of Use
    Really Usem Book.This Is Not The Real One Couse The Real One Cost Like 73$ And The Real One Has More Than 206 Pages.But Still You Have Like A Half A Tricks Her Too And It Doesnt Cost Allot At All. (Posted on 1/8/11)
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