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Espionage Wallet by Kieran Kirkland and Alakazam Magic - Trick

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    Alakazam Magic are Proud to present Kieron Kirkland's Espionage Wallet

    Kieron along with with the help of Daniel Young created what many magicians have hailed as the holy grail of wallets! The Espionage is a secret weapon that even James Bond would be thrilled to own. Kieron has taken elements from Peter Nardi's world famous Assassin wallet & Infinity wallet and added some incredible new features. Making The Espionage the most feature packed mentalism/magic wallet ever.

    Just one of the problems Kieron & Daniel solved was "how to have a SUC function in a wallet when you have your money in it". Kieron & Daniel not only solved this problem but did it beautifully. It's a real "why didn't I think of that moment"

    Some of the features contained within the Espionage
    • No Palm Card to wallet
    • Palm Card To Wallet
    • Billet to wallet
    • Very clever Internal peek
    • External peek
    • Perfect switch wallet
    • SUC function
    • Holdout system
    • Billet Index
    • Card Index
    • Shogun System
    Now, we know what you're thinking "this wallet must be huge!" Well fear not, Kieran has combined all these features in to a standard size Hip Pocket wallet.

    The Espionage has been design for you to carry as your everyday wallet. You will not believe how many functions this innocent looking wallet contains.

    This is a true masterpiece!

    Each Espionage wallet has been crafted from high quality leather and comes complete with an instructional DVD (which runs for over 1Hr 40 Minutes) packed full of routines and handlings & tips

    The Espionage wallet is the most versatile wallet we have ever seen! You are going to love it!!.

    "I'm not kidding this has to be the best wallet I've seen to date, even 'AWESOME' doesn't do this wallet justice!"
    - Gary Jones
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