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Energy Bill

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    If you watch this, pay attention to what is being taught, and put the requisite time into perfecting your presentation — you will amaze people. No question. Get this, you’ll be happy with the purcahse.
    -James L. Clark, Magician Magazine 2/3/2009

    The Effect:
    The performer offers a demonstration of Human Energy. A bill is borrowed, signed and placed on the table. Held at the performer's fingertips, the bill starts to move. The performer lets go of the bill and steps a few feet away… the bill continues to move! Finally the performer gestures and the bill falls over! This DVD goes over every detail you will need to know to be doing this right away. Performance notes and subtleties are included along with Andrew Gerard's personal presentational ploys. Andrew Gerard has become known as a creator of effects that connect with your audience. Energy Bill has the potential to devastate even the most hardened skeptic....

    -No Threads
    -No Magnets
    -No Static
    -No Blowing
    -No Switches
    -Examinable Before and After
    -No Devices of any kin

    Recommended For:
    Mentalists, close-up magicians and hobbyists.

    Trick Specifications:
    Instuctional DVD teaches you how to perform this devistating routine.

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category: Mentalism.

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    Review by ray
    Ease Of Use
    Uses A Borrowed Bill, The Secret Is Simple And So Great. And You Do The Setup If You Will During The Performance. Looks Like Real Magic If Done Right. Its A Four Because You Have To Pick Your Surfaces Right And The Bills Cant Be Too Worn Out. Other Than That I Got My Friend To "Believe" I Have Some Supernatural Use Of Energy (Posted on 3/26/11)
    Review by Magic
    Ease Of Use
    Hey You Spelled Kind Like Kin Just Let Ten You Guys Now ;) (Posted on 2/12/11)
    Review by hi
    Ease Of Use
    This Is The Best Trick You Will Love It Its So Easy And Its Borrowed (Posted on 8/26/10)
    Review by Charlie
    Ease Of Use
    Best Trick Ever!!!! (Posted on 10/10/09)
    Review by mikie
    Ease Of Use
    This Is The Best Magic Trick I Have Ever Seen! (Posted on 6/30/09)
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