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    Imagine you have any card freely selected and signed then lost back into the pack. Now imagine that you pick up the card case and remove the two Jokers from inside. But, there is a third card in between the two Jokers - the signed selection! Imagine it was easy to do, completely practical and received stunning reactions! Imagine no more. This is David Forrest's 'Encased'!

    The Effect:
    Just Encased
    A freely selected signed card instantly appears between two Jokers inside the card case - simple and stunning!

    Picnic Case
    The spectator cuts to the three mates of their signed selection. The selection itself is found in the card case - flanked by the two Jokers!

    Encased of Emergency
    Three random cards change to the mates of a selection which is them discovered in the card case between the Jokers!

    The Encased Card
    An interesting version of Bro. John Hamman's 'The Signed Card' using the 'Encased' gimmicks!

    Mental Case
    Accurately predict a spectators answers to random questions during the course of a simple game of chance - this is a STUNNER!

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for strolling magicians. An excellent assortment of card routines.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes materals to build Encased gimmick and instructional DVD. Running time: 1hr 18min.

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category: Card Tricks.

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    Review by WiperBladez
    Ease Of Use
    Amazing Trick. I Have It (Posted on 4/25/09)
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