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Egg Bag with Zipper

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  • Product Description


    A classic effect made even more deceptive.

    The Effect:
    With just an egg and small black bag, the magician causes the egg to vanish and reappear, even while periodically letting the audience inspect the bag. Even unzipping the bottom of it so that everyone can see right through.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for stand up and audience participation. Can be made into a very funny routine.

    Trick Specifications:
    Gimmick, wooden egg, and instructions.

    Skill Level: Intermediate.
    Category: Stage Magic.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by magic man
    Ease Of Use
    I Like To Use This With A Fake Egg Wih A Silk In It And Then Show It Is Empty Then I Put A Dove In It Then Make It Turn In To An Egg Then Break It And Show A Silk U Can Also Use The Chane Bag 4 Out Of 5 (Posted on 7/18/12)
    Review by Unknown
    Ease Of Use
    Yes You Can Use The Bag For Other Tricks But If You Wanna Do That Buy A Change Bag I Recommed Bazar De Magic Or Empires Brand Goodluck (Posted on 12/29/11)
    Review by guitarsolo219
    Ease Of Use
    This Is A Great Trick, I Have It At Home Is Very Cool And Popular, If U Want Peoples Attention, Then You Will Get It, The Cool Thing Is Its Not A Real Egg Its Wooden, It Will Never Break. This Trick Is For Itermedits, Not Begginers. (Posted on 12/28/08)
    Review by Andres
    Ease Of Use
    Its A Great Trick But Can It Be Used With Someting Tath Its Not An Egg? (Posted on 8/26/08)
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