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Duet by Jack Kent Tillar - Book

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    The EASY way to entertaining two-person mind reading. With an introduction by Francis Willard. 

    • No tedious codes or painful memory work!
    • No electronics or impression devices!
    • No apparatus or equipment required!
    • No stooges or hidden assistants!
    • Everything from impromptu parlor routines to full evening stage second sight acts and classic thought reading routines!
    This is your passport to enjoy the wonderment of the two-person mind-reading world. Includes the complete acts:
    • "Fantasy Impromptu"
    • "That's Impossible"
    • ... and much, much more!
    Over thirty effects, routines, and acts, plus sixty years of wisdom and grease paint!

    "...another great magic mind!"
    - Teller

    "It's no wonder you have such a sterling reputation."
    - Ken Weber, author of Maximum Entertainment

    "DUET is amazing. With the one book, a couple can have a career for the rest of their lives."
    - Banachek

    "The great strength of Jack Tillar's writings, unlike so many of today's innovators, is that he gives you a great variety of styles and presentations so you can fit any performing venue or audience."
    - Leo Behnke

    Pages 156 - Softbound
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