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DoDeckADeal by John Archer - Trick

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    A fantastic coincidence effect using a pack of cards

    As seen on the best-selling DVD "Educating Archer."


    An experiment is conducted to find the relationship between chance and choice.

    A deck of cards is fairly shown. After briefly shuffling the deck, half is given to a spectator, who again shuffles them and then begins to deal them into a small pile. The spectator is instructed to stop dealing by chance whenever she likes. The magician shuffles his half and allows the spectator to make a free choice from the face up cards. This chosen card is placed face up onto the spectator's pile.

    Now this same procedure is repeated twice more for the sake of scientific consistency. When the piles are examined it is found that the card stopped at by chance in every case is the exact mate of the card selected by choice!

    Can be repeated for the same audience!
    Easy to do! Extremely quick reset!

    DoDeckaDeal is supplied with full written instructions and special Bicycle deck of cards.
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