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Disecto Arm Chopper Trick

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    The Disecto Arm Chopper trick is a baffling classic that will leave your audience screaming!

    The Effect:
    The magician brings a peculiar - looking cutting instrument on the stage. Explaining that he should test the courage of his spectators, he invites the most courageous person. Whoever comes, the magician request him to put his right hand through the hole in the Dissecto. You press down the blade slowly and feels hurt. Ask him to remove the hand. Put a vegetable like a cucumber in the hole and press down the bled. The cucumber cuts in to two neatly. Now asks the spectator to put his hand again. Magician keeps his hand and slowly the blades goes down. He shows his unharmed hand to the spectator.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for stage or parlor shows. Great for Halloween gigs.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes custom-built, wood and metal Disecto Arm Chopper gimmick and instructions.

    Skill Level:Easiest.
    Category: Stage Magic

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