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Cross Bones

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    The 1st Dif-e-Yo made in the Dif-Series line. The BARE BONES has been upgraded and has a New Name!!

    What do you get when you cross a Bare Bones with a Tank? Meet the Cross Bones!

    A Bare Bones with a Tank axle setup and 2 grams removed from the center for more rim weight percentage and spin time. The logo stud is shorter with the thumb/oring groove closer to the center of the yoyo for easier thumb grinds with more spin stability.

    The Cross Bones sports Engraved cross bones to designate it as the "replacement" for the Bare Bones in the Dif Series line.

    Key Features:
    Patent Pend Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing with Flush Dif-Pad response.
    Packaged in a covered tin with 2 extra Dif-Pads.

    Axle Type: Ball Bearing.
    Shape: Wing Shaped.
    Size: Weight: 2.6 oz (76g). Diameter: 2.125 Inch. Thickness: 1.625 Inch.

    Note: Advanced Yoyo. Requires binding.

    For more information on yo-yo specifications and choosing the correct yo-yo, please see our Yo-yo Buyers Guide. Click Here.

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