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    CREEPS Ver.2 is Ben Harris' latest refinement to his best-seller from 1990. The original CREEPS was a hit in Harris' worldwide lectures and a total sell-out whenever demonstrated.

    Imagine the impact of a matchbox slowly, eerily, opening in a spectator's own hand. JUST IMAGINE THE ASTONISHMENT. The spectator can both see and feel the box eerily opening in their hands.

    You know that animation effects are powerful. You also know that anything performed in the spectator's hands is strong. CREEPS Ver.2 combines both these elements to create a truly spooky moment!

    CREEPS Ver.2 can be utilized with virtually any matchbox and is totally self-contained.

    The box can even be examined after it eerily opens. Use CREEPS Ver.2 to create a moment of wonder whenever you are performing with a box of matches or even with a "Card to Matchbox" effect.

    So much fun to perform, you'll be uses this all the time just to amuse yourself.

    Complete with sample CREEPS Ver.2 box photo-illustrated instructions additional supplies


    Ben Harris' TONEWOOD TRANSPO - an easy-to-do killer routine with 4 climaxes!
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