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Control Systems by Ed Marlo - Trick

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    Edward Marlo's "Control Systems" manuscript was conveyed to select few card students in another time and place in the world of Magic, 1952. It was a time when terms like "jealously guarded" and "tightly held" really meant something, and serious card scholars would pay dozens of times the going rate of mainstream material to have access to information that was exclusive.

    With the help and blessings of Muriel Marlo, the original text, long out of prints, is being made available to Marlo aficionados worldwide in an effort tot keep Eddie's works alive. We are proud to be able to offer this information, and hope that it adds to the scope, knowledge, and appreciation of Eddie's lifetime love affair with the possibilities obtainable from a pack of cards.

    Contents Include:
    • Chapter 1 - Technique of the Peek
    • Chapter 2 - Step Control
    • Chapter 3 - Additions to Card Controls
    • Chapter 4 - The Shuffle Control
    • Chapter 5 - Cut Control
    • Chapter 6 - Quadruple Peek control
    • Chapter 6-A - Placing the Key Cards
    • Chapter 6-B - Placing the Selection
    • Chapter 7 - Five Card Peek Control
    • Chapter 7-B - Variations of Handling Peek Controls
    • Chapter 8 - Combination Controls
    Pages 109 - Spiralbound
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