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Comedy Drink Trick by Paul Romhany - Trick

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    Many professional magicians consider this routine to be one of the funniest bits of business in magic.

    Ricki Dunn, known as America's Funniest Pickpocket, closed his show with this routine for over 20 years knowing it would get the strong audience reaction he desired from a closing effect.

    Prior to his passing, Ricki bequeathed the trick to Paul Romhany who over the past few years re-worked the handling of Ricki's original Drink Trick, re-designing the special gimmick glass to make it more durable and easier to perform.

    In memory of Ricki Dunn, Paul Romhany is releasing to the magic fraternity a small number of custom made glasses enabling you to perform this outrageously funny and very visual effect.

    The effect is that you pour a glass of cola for your volunteer and after they drink it you are able to extract the cola from their nose and ears. This version differs from others on the market because the spectator can HOLD the glass!


    Custom made gimmick glass measured to Paul Romhany's exact specifications.

    Instructional DVD and live performances by Paul Romhany.
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